Tips to Make Cutting Kids Nails Easier to Do

Cutting a child’s nails can be a moment to worry about. Shadows that this activity can turn off the child’s fingers and stick out, especially for mothers who have recently had children. To overcome this fear, mothers need to know some tips on cutting children’s nails easily. Further description!

Various Tips for Trimming Baby’s Nails

Every parent needs to know how to cut a child’s nails so that the little one doesn’t get hurt. Indeed this is not easy, but if you already know how, it will definitely be easier. The feeling of worry when the Little One wants to rebel must be there. So from that, some mothers choose to cut their child’s nails while he is sleeping.

If the mother wants to cut her child’s nails not while he is sleeping, there are several methods that need to be tried, so that the child does not rebel. So, here are some of the steps you can take:

1. The Little One’s Love Understanding

co assistant doctor ~ Before cutting the child’s nails, the mother can ask the Little One the alibi of not wanting to cut his nails. After you know the factors, you can share your little one’s interpretation of the meaning of cutting nails. Some of its benefits include avoiding germs, not causing scratches when the little one scratches, and other benefits.

Not only that, the mother can also share an explanation with the Little One about the benefits of having short nails. Use language that is easily understood by the Little One, as a result he understands and wants to cut his nails. When you understand about the benefits, surely in the future, you don’t need to bother sharing descriptions.

2. Bright Enlightenment

Because children’s nails are small, some mothers face difficulties when cutting nails. Until then, make sure you cut your nails in a clear place. Mother can cut the nails of the Little One in the morning or afternoon, when there is a lot of light from the sun.

3. Live after Bath

To make it easier, the mother can cut the nails of the Little One after bathing him. The reason is, this activity is tried after bathing because the condition of the nails in a soft condition due to exposure to water makes it easier to cut. You don’t need to be tired every time you carry out this activity.

4. Take advantage of special nail clippers

To attract the attention of the Little One, mothers can use special nail clippers for children with cute shapes and patterns. Children’s special nail clippers are usually smaller than older ones, have a fairly large handle, and a smaller blade. As a result, this concept can make it easier for mothers to clean up the little one’s nails without hurting her fingers.

5. Divert the Little One’s Attention

If the little one is always rebellious when he finds out he is cutting his nails, the mother can try to distract him. For example, by giving him his favorite toy or playing his favorite animated film. Mother can also hold the Little One so that he feels more calm when his nails are cut.

6. Hold the Little One’s Hand

So that the Little One’s hand does not move when it is cut, the mother can hold the Little One’s hand for a long time. This is to prevent the little one’s skin from being cut by the nail cutter that you use.

7. Rinse the Little One’s Nails First

Before the little one’s nails are cut, first check if there is dirt in it. If there is dirt, rinse it first. You can sterilize the dirt contained by using a cotton bud that has been moistened with water. As a result, the mother will find it easier to cut the nails of the Little One, because there is no need to bother sterilizing the dirt after the nails are cut.

Those are some of the methods you can do as a way to cut your child’s nails without fear. That way, the child’s nails are always clean and short, so there is no risk of scratching other people. This matter can also make mothers direct about the meaning of cleanliness in children.

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