Know 4 Threats of Cigarette Smoke to Mothers of Two and Fetuses

Everyone knows that cigarette smoke can kill many people around them. One person who is very susceptible to natural consequences is a mother of two. However, what are the threats of cigarette smoke to a mother of two that can also affect the health of the child? Know the response here!

The threat of cigarette smoke to the mother of two bodies and the fetus

Cigarette smoke has a content similar to everything contained in the cigarette itself. In cigarette smoke there are thousands of chemical contents which if inhaled by a mother of two can be dangerous for the future child in her womb. For fathers who are heavy smokers, it is highly recommended not to smoke near mothers of two or in the home area.

The reason is that cigarette smoke can last for 2.5 hours and can stick to items such as chairs, carpets, walls, and other home furnishings. The residue from the smoke can last for months, let alone years. Even though it is not visible, the cigarette smoke can still be inhaled by the mother of two and can have an adverse effect on the unborn child.

When a double-bodied mother inhales or holds an object that is infested with cigarette smoke, the thousands of toxins contained in cigarettes can penetrate her blood movement to the unborn child. Well, here are some of the risks of cigarette smoke for mothers of two who inhale it and its bad effects on the future child:

1. Miscarriage

One of the dangers of cigarette smoke for women with two bodies is that it can increase the risk of abortion in the early trimester if cigarette smoke is often exposed. In the first few days after fertilization, the child will face rapid progress. When exposed to cigarette smoke, genetic damage (especially chromosomes) can occur. In conclusion, abortion can occur if it is left alone.

Abortion due to smoking a lot of cigarette smoke can also cause problems in the placenta. This is the effect for the placenta to lift the acid and nutrients to the child will decrease drastically. Not getting all the things he needs to grow will cause the child to die naturally.

2. Boys Born With Low Weight

Exposure to cigarette smoke is at risk of causing children to be born with small body weight. In general, a normal child’s body weight at birth is from 2.9 to 3.6 kg. A child’s body weight is said to be small if it weighs less than 2.5 kg. This situation may make the child face respiratory problems, easy to deal with inflammation, and low sugar content.

3. Child Born Premature

The threat of exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy can also increase the risk of the child being born prematurely. This can definitely lead to some serious health problems for the child, such as respiratory problems. Constraints from the effects of cigarette smoke can have a negative impact on the development of the respiratory apparatus for children.

Premature babies are also more prone to inflammation, jaundice, difficulty breastfeeding, digestive tract problems, nervous system problems, and brain hemorrhages. Until then, mothers with two bodies really have to stay away from exposure to cigarette smoke.

4. Sudden Child Death Syndrome (SIDS)

This is a syndrome that can cause a child to die instantly while he is sleeping. Meanwhile, the Little One looked serious. SIDS occurs in children who are less than one year old. SIDS can be predictable because of abnormalities in the part of the brain that regulates a child’s respiration, a child’s sleep state that limits his breathing, and other things.

The chemicals in cigarette smoke appear to affect the brain of a newborn child by disrupting the regulation of his breathing. It was also said that children who died from SIDS had a greater concentration of nicotine along with nicotine content in their lungs due to exposure to secondhand smoke during birth or after birth.

Based on the description of the dangers of cigarette smoke for the mother of two, anyone who smokes near the mother of two, is advised to avoid and even more recommended to stop smoking. Because, smoking is not only not good for the health of smokers themselves, smoking can also have a negative impact on many people around them. During the current pandemic, people are afraid to go to the hospital to consult the disease they are experiencing due to fear of being exposed to covid, assistant bij doctor promotie is now here for you, is ready to serve you 24 hours non-stop.

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