Excl Stock Calculator – Excel Stock Elemental Analysis Calculator

Looking for stock trading calculator equipment? Well, this excl stock calculator is aimed directly at making those who want to carry out the cheapest stock on robinhood. It means by excel.

So with this application (not an android application) you can carry out stock analysis in an independent manner without using the services of others or buying the results of analysis from experts in the stock aspect.

I aim this excel stock calculator to make followers of value investing, precisely the value of investors, both those who are newcomers or who are experts. Why? That’s right, because by using this capital calculator you want to simplify the way you analyze it.

Why can it be easy and easy to analyze?

Definitely, because all methods of dividing financial comparisons (there are 35 financial comparisons), listed growth and trend analysis all want to automatically AUTOMATICALLY arise or change so that financial information information is inputted.

As well as the cause of the development analysis also sticking out in this calculator, which incidentally is an important provision in the science of growth investing, so I can say that this tool is not only appropriate for the value of investors who carry out elementary analysis, but also for growth investors who want to carry out technical analysis from special stocks.

What’s more, the analysis of trends in the last 5 years also directly sticking out in an automatic way in this excel calculator, so it is more complete and can directly observe the percentage in general growth.

For more details, let’s discuss ending the advantages of this stock calculator.

Excl Stock Calculator Application – Elementary stock analysis Excl

excl stock calculator

Simply put, want to understand the method of finding economical or expensive stock valuations, the method of dividing PER, PBV, and other dividends? All can be from one simple excel application.

You might be able to search on Google this saying: download the free stock calculator

But I believe, what is found is only a common calculator whose contents are perfunctory. And if there is a valuation calculation, it is only dividing PER and PBV only.

And also, usually only for sharing annual financial information, what if the LK is from the first, second, and third terms? What if the rounding is used by millions, thousands or hundreds of thousands, or what if the LK uses dollars? Certainly the excel method for each situation is different.

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