Closer to the Green Mining Design of the Indonesian Mining Zone

The design of green mining has attracted quite a lot of attention because it is a way to protect the balance of nature and observe people’s lives. Many mining lands quote green land change, a kind of forestry. Meanwhile, the use of the forest is in great demand by the local community. Unfortunately, there are people who after the mining ended did not rehabilitate the forest land at all.

This matter causes a lot of destruction, both for nature and for human survival. The view of the area welcomes the clear danger of the impact of mining residue, as well as the economic outlook of local residents also falters.

Understanding Green Mining Design Closer

The interpretation of green mining is a design or mining activity based on area knowledge. This method pays close attention to every detail that is tested before, during, and after the mining era ends by minimizing the amount of dirt. Using area-friendly mining equipment and carrying out reforestation of the land.

Post-mining is two important things in studying the origin of natural energy. Tight control should be attempted in a clear manner by the responsible party. The listed regulations for the mining industry to comply with to support green mining have actually been contained in hundreds of articles.

However, the problem comes back again to the understanding of the industry to comply with those rules. Position means that the authorities also play a major role in supporting the achievement of a green mining plan that does not harm nature. Because, over time, if nature is crippled a little bit, the lives of people and other living beings will also be destroyed after a long time.

4 Management of Mining Manure Mengatur

1. Regulate Water Impurities

To regulate the waters so that mine manure does not continue to be scattered, the industry can plant some shrubs, such as genjer hate. This plant serves to sort the dirt before it flows into the sewerage channel and sows large. In other words, green mining plans can be pursued as simply as planting genjer hate. Not only that, you can also plant a variety of other green shrubs.

2. Protecting Ecosystem Counterbalance

Not succumbing to the risk of mining manure in the waters, the disruption of the life of various kinds of biology in the mine position is also a big problem. When plants can no longer develop as usual, the quality of nature will decrease automatically and continue to become unfit for living humans.

The solution is to replant some types of shrubs according to the suitability of the soil. This effort is attempted to protect the survival of all human beings living in the long term and minimize the occurrence of environmental destruction.

3. Regulates Toxic Stools

Poisonous excreta from mining can also be regulated properly through green mining so that it becomes a new source of income. If arranged properly, mineral balancers can even introduce brick factories as building architecture. An appeal to mining entrepreneurs has been issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to regulate B3 waste so that it becomes a creating object.

Because, the unfavorable impact of neglecting venomous feces does not only affect the area, but also for investors’ decisions.

4. Regulating Air Impurities

Lastly, dirt which can automatically cause destruction or air pollution. For the management, nothing but doubling the green land. There must be tight supervision by the rightful party so that there is no underhand action anywhere.

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