6 Ways to Serve Granola for Breakfast and Snacks

Granola can actually be consumed like that. But if you want it to be more delicious, you can create it with bonus accessories, such as milk or yogurt. On the other hand, the benefits of granola during pregnancy are very useful for pregnant women. Then there are several ways to serve granola from Food and Wine and Spoon University that can be an idea. This granola is suitable for serving as a breakfast or snack menu.

1. A Kind of Cereal Offering

An easy way to enjoy granola is to serve it like cereal. You can eat it with milk or yogurt. To enhance the feeling of taste, this cereal from granola can be combined with fruit parts, such as bananas.

2. Toss With Overnight Oats

Granola can be mixed with oatmeal, then made into overnight oats. This dish is suitable to be served as a breakfast menu, especially when on a diet. If you are happy you can also add cocoa powder or honey.

3. Sprinkle Chia Pudding and Smoothie

If you don’t want to bother, then you can use granola for topping smoothies or chia pudding. Not only that, granola can also be a sprinkling of salad so that it has more texture.

4. Granola Bar

There is one common snack that can be made using granola, which is cafe granola. The method of making cafe granola is fairly simple. Simply mix the granola with the other grains, then add the honey and melted butter. Next, solidify the granola after that cut it after that store it in the refrigerator. Once solid, cafe granola is ready to eat or put in a jar.

5. Bread or Cake Accessories

Granola can be added to bread or cake mixes, such as muffins, pancakes or cookies. The accumulation of granola can make the cake more textured.

6. Dahar with apples

Another common but delicious way to enjoy granola is to eat it with apples and peanut butter. The mixture of these three ingredients can produce a special taste. The sweet and sour taste of the apple goes well with the dense granola and delicious peanut butter.


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