5 Guide to Buying Kencana in E-Commerce

Buying gold now is not only at sports outlets, e-commerce provides services to buy or save gold money, continues to be the growth of data and communication technology, now buying and selling gold is not limited to sports only outlets. Currently, gold is traded online, through e-commerce.

Not only selling gold in finished form, such as jewelry or ingots, usually e-commerce also sells gold in the form of capital in the form of gold funds. You need to listen to this next guide to buying gold before buying gold in e-commerce.

Guide to Buying Kencana in E-Commerce

Buying gold on e-commerce leads to more efficient and easy. However, there are several things that need to be considered when buying gold online, especially because the purchased gold cannot be directly seen for its quality. To be free from lies, read the description of 5 guidelines for buying gold in e-commerce that we have compiled for you next.

1. Seller Integrity

When buying gold in the marketplace, the gold merchant is not the marketplace itself but a third-party industry. Therefore, before buying gold on a particular marketpalce, first identify who the real gold dealer is and check their credibility. The trick is to read client reviews or make sure the seller’s collateral is trusted.

Generally, it can be seen through the badge icon that is printed near the seller’s brand logo. In addition to recognizing the integrity of the merchant, it is also important to recognize the integrity of the marketplace itself. It is definitely more convenient to buy gold in a marketplace that has a large business ratio, and is sustainable.

Also make sure, the marketplace you choose has the best security system with multiple confirmation systems. This is to estimate maybe your account on the market place was hacked by many cruel people who want to steal the proceeds of your golden investment.

2. Gold Price

Each marketplace has a price for buying and selling gold, especially in the form of gold funds with different nominal values. For example, in one marketplace you can save gold with a nominal starting from Rp. 500, -, on the contrary in another marketplace you can start saving gold money at a price of Rp. 65, -. Keep the nominal price of gold that can be purchased to save gold money will certainly be very profitable and make it easier for you to fund gold.

3. Price Chart

Before buying gold, it’s a good idea to look at the chart of the purchase price and the selling price of the gold. E-commerce generally shares this price chart-linked data in a detailed manner starting from daily, up to 3 months. By looking at this price chart, you can share the profit from your golden investment.

4. Relieve Gold Body Stamp

To avoid the effects of deception or traders who disappear when saving gold money in the marketplace, it is better for you to taste your gold in physical form on a regular basis for you to keep for yourself. Each marketplace provides a different time limit for doing this golden stamp, ranging from 3 days, 7 days, to months. The selection should have a very short time to minimize the risks that may occur.

5. Promo

Marketplace often shares interesting promos in terms of buying gold. First, be careful which marketplaces offer attractive promos. With this promo, you can get a share of the price or even receive cashback from purchasing gold.

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