4 Simple Methods to Overcome Anyang-Hanangan at Home

Anyang-anyangan is a situation when a person feels the sensation of being burned or twisted a second or after urinating. In the field of medicine, it is necessary to know that the condition is also known as dysuria. Women are vulnerable to this situation, while men are more likely to experience this situation in older men.

Dysuria cannot be ignored because it could be a symptom of urinary tract inflammation in your body. Therefore, you should know some simple methods to deal with problems. The goal is, of course, so that the feeling of entanglement or the burning excitement that arises when the pool can subside. Curious what the trick is? Let’s follow the data here!

A Simple Method for Overcoming Anyang-Anyang

By way of medicine, the treatment for treating constipation or dysuria will actually vary, depending on the factors. Therefore, seeing a doctor is very important if you feel twisted or the excitement of being burned during the pool. If the cause of the problem has been identified, then the doctor will recommend special treatment.

The illustration is like using antibiotics if the factor is bacterial inflammation, or preventing consuming special foods or drinks. If the skin irritation is caused by skin irritation, usually doctors will advise the sufferer to avoid using irritating products such as aggressive wipes or soaps with harsh contents.

Even so, often the tingling feeling that arises as a result of dysuria is unstoppable and actually limits your activities. So that you can reduce the pain, there are some simple methods you can try to treat dysuria, namely:

1. Consume More Water

Anyang-anyang is often caused by inflammation of the urinary tract. Therefore, drinking more water or other small non-carbonated sugar drinks can help dissolve urine and remove germs from the urine.

2. Taking Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

One of the treatments at home to overcome the pain of dysuria can be tried by taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen.

3. Blocking Foods That Can Stimulate Urinary Content

Some types of acidic foods such as citrus fruits, spicy foods, chocolate can stimulate urine content. So from that, it means to prevent some from consuming the food so that it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

4. Sterilize Familiar Tools Properly

Be careful, women are more susceptible to urinary tract problems than men. So from that, try to always sterilize the urinary tract from front to back to reduce the transfer of germs (back) from the anus to the urinary tract (front). On the other hand, avoid sterilizing the vagina by emitting a solution into it (douching).

Well, that’s the description of a simple method that you can try to deal with the signs of anxiety. Although it is not certain to be able to cure dysuria by ending, but some of these methods are estimated to be efficient in reducing the feeling of twisting or stinging that is sticking out. However, if some of these methods don’t help make anyanganan recover within a few days, immediately consult a doctor.

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