4 Marmot Foods To Make Fast Big And Healthy

Marmots are rodents with small bodies that are smaller than rabbits. With a small body, these animals are often equated with hamsters. Meanwhile, the two are quite different. The blessing of a small body and adorable face makes him often a pet at home.

Although it is said that the animals are easy to maintain, but you definitely have to pay attention to the food of the guinea pigs so that they are fast. Therefore, let’s follow some types of food that can help develop flowers and the health of these little animals.

Eat a Guinea Pig For a Big And Healthy Fast

Few people ask can guinea pigs eat strawberries Sharing a quick guinea pig meal is definitely a great tip and some tips. Here are some of the foods that make it fast and fresh, including:

1. Straw

As a rodent, hay must be one of the guinea pig’s favorite foods. Straw itself wants to help think, how to develop and healthy teeth.

For that, you can distribute hay at least once a day. Choose straw that is green and smooth to make it easier to digest. There are several types of hay that you can use, namely: Early, Alfafa hay for two-bodied guinea pigs, nursing, and guinea pigs at 4 months. Second, straw types of brime grass, orchad, oat, bluegrass, and meadow for guinea pigs in the usual way.

2. Vegetables

To help develop guinea pig flowers so that they grow quickly, then you need to share green vegetables, such as spinach, pakcoi, kale, and broccoli. Give some green vegetables cut into small pieces and mixed with other vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, corn, peas, and the like.

3. Pellet

Afsun can be a bonus for one meal. However, don’t share too many pallets as it can make you fat. A decent pallet allowance is 1 or 4 or 1 or 8 cups daily. Take advantage of a large palette with the right nutritional content, there is a lot of vitamin C available.

4. Air

Water must be the starting point for creating solutions that mean loss of body fluids, helping to help save health. enjoy a glass of water in the cage, refill the water when it runs out. Don’t let your guinea pig lose body fluids!

These are some of the foods that can help your guinea pig grow to be fresh and big. By observing the food of the guinea pig so that it is fast, of course you have to be cool and careful.

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